What is Anomalous?

Anomalous started off as an etsy shop dealing in vintage oddities. Soon after the launch of the store, we branched off into an online hub where like minded freaks and geeks could share their inventory, pictures of their personal collections or just anything weird and curious. Now Anomalous is spreading its tentacles even further with videohive, providing the creepiest in HD stock clips and packs.

Videohive Preview – Check out this short demo with some of our clips in action.

Don’t forget to subscribe to us on youtube for updates on new clips and packs.

Anomalous Online Community  – Most of the shots from this video feature inventory from the etsy shop or pieces from my personal collection. All of the footage was shot on a Canon 550D and 5D Mark III. This is one of our earlier videos, but its still holding up. Had such a great time shooting and editing this one!



2 thoughts on “What is Anomalous?

  1. Hello!
    I have come across your project at Kickstarter a few days ago and I was very impressed! You guys are so talented! Really nice)
    Are you looking for a film composer? I would be glad to collaborate and create something amazing for the “Wrinkles the clown”

    Also, i am ready to compose a demo exclusively for the project, to try myself
    My name is Alex Shesha. Feel free to contact me anytime
    My e-mail is: alexander.filmscore@gmail.com
    Skype: keishora7

    You can listen to some of my best works here:

    Hope, you will enjoy the music)
    Have a nice day!


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